Somali Cat Picture

There is a beautiful, burnished appearance to Pollux's coat in this Helmi Flick Somali cat picture. I presume that the name comes from country Somalia, which is the eastern neighbor of Ethiopia (once called Abyssinia) after which the Abyssinian cat was named, which is appropriate as the Somali is a semi-long haired Abyssinian. They should, therefore share the same personality: active, intelligent and playful. The Somali cat's appearance is reminiscent of the red fox and as I like foxes I like this cat. The plumed tail is impressive and they look intelligent. They are medium sized and quite slender (foreign type in cat breeder language) under that stupendous coat.  The colors are: ruddy, sorrel, blue and fawn. I used to have difficulty differentiating between ruddy and sorrel but I would say that Pollux is a ruddy Somali cat because he has some black on his back and his tail is tipped with black. This is a clear sign of a ruddy Somali. I remember a Somali cat at a cat show in OK, USA. Helmi was photographing the cat. And I was mightily impressed with this individual cat. He was bright, bubbly and beautiful! See the video:


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