Monday, January 16, 2012

Oriental Shorthair Silhouette

Oriental Shorthair Silhouette - Photo by demented-pixie

Something a bit different and why not. I modified the original image which is allowed under the creative commons license. I think it works quite nicely. It's all about personal taste though. I like the shape of the cat in profile. The Oriental Shorthair, as the name implies, has a long face. Cat breeders consider this to be 'oriental' in appearance. What they mean is that they believe that the cats of the eastern part of world, Asia in this instance, have long faces. Cats of the Siamese group of cats have oriental faces and slender oriental bodies. It is in dispute, however, as to whether oriental cats do indeed have long faces and slender bodies.

Final point: I am not convinced that the photographer as stated is in fact the actual photographer of the original image. Please come forward if there is a problem in this regard.

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