Monday, January 2, 2012

Turkish Angora Picture

A glorious, all white, Turkish Angora cat, "Caleb", in a Helmi Flick Turkish Angora picture. Caleb is a fantastic looking cat. The Turkish Angora has a very long history in the cat fancy. It is one of the original purebred cats. The cat originates in Turkey as a household cat in that country. In Turkey the cat is not so highly bred as in North American and Europe. The breed has more moderate proportions in Turkey and looks similar to the traditional Persian (see picture right). The all white odd-eyed Angora in Turkey is the favored appearance. The odd-eye colors are blue and yellow. The big question I asked was whether the Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora are or were the same household cat in Turkey. My point is that the cat fancy created two cat breeds from one household cat. Interested? Please read this and this and if you would like to read more about the Turkish Angora please click on this link....

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