Monday, April 30, 2012

Cat Hedge Picture

This is a first for me. A hedge trimmed in the shape of a cat with a rat in the mouth! The rat seems to have been just placed there. If you can find it, it is at Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. The house owner is a cat lover of course. I'd bet she was middle-aged and really nice and smart.. the typical cat lover profile.

Cat Hedge - Photo by Lance McCord on Flickr

As allowed under the creative commons license I have (I believe!) improved the image a little bit by reducing the contrast, reducing the brightness of the highlights and filling in the shadows a bit to try and eliminate a feeling that the hedge is in an overly lit hotspot.

This cat seems to be quite aloof. I am not sure that that was intentional. The eyes seem to be shut and the head thrown back a bit as if so say. "humans...those silly creatures..".

Update: Just found this picture from Mary Pratt in Devon, UK:

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