Monday, April 30, 2012

Cat With Emerald Eyes

The brightest emerald color cat eyes that I have seen. Sorry the picture quality is not great. It is a close up and the photographer, a veterinarian or vet tech, probably forgot that the camera could not focus that close.

I don't think it matters that much and it may even help as it throws into focus the unusual color of this cat's eyes.

This is a straight photograph. There is no post-editing of any kind as far as I am aware to enhance the colors. I added the pictures of the uncut emerald stone as reference and lightened the picture a fraction.

Grey cat emerald eyes. Photo Nottingham Vet School on Flickr

This cat was at a UK vet's clinic. I have no idea what he or she was in for. The fur color is grey (gray in the USA) and called "blue" in the cat fancy. The face is that of of blue British SH or Chartreux. But the cat might well be random bred. Anyway the Chartreux is rare and has copper/orange colored eyes under the standard. The eye color of the British SH is not set by the breed standard.

There it is; the cat with the emerald eyes. I'd like to know more about this cat because the eyes look a little unnatural if I am honest.

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