Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cat Watches 22 Badgers

One cat in the back garden ("yard" in America) in close proximity to 22 badgers at night. The cat is curious. The badgers ignore the cat. You'll have to look at the picture for a short while before you see the cat! One badger appears to be looking at the cat.

One cat and 22 badgers cohabiting nicely. Photo at John McNab (Flickr)

I have found that my cat is ignored by foxes. He is big, though, and in one encounter he got the upper hand. I've seen him close to foxes at night. Recently a fox started to scream at him and he got scared and ran in.  But domestic cats seem to be ignored by wildlife. This is the UK, though.

In the USA there are larger wildlife species and some are predators such as the coyote. The coyote kills domestic cats in the USA and it is one reason why people keep their cats in all the time. I'd prefer it if they used secure cat enclosures to protect their cats as F-T indoor life for a cat is not natural enough as it curtails natural behavior and drives. That can lead to stress related illnesses that are hard to diagnose.

See the original picture on Flickr.

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