Sunday, April 29, 2012

Curious Ragdoll Picture

This is handsome Ramses. He has a classic, bright, blue eyed Ragdoll appearance. He looks astonished, slightly...The diamond blue eyes are a strong feature of this cat. The history of this cat breed is vague, opaque even, but the eyes are clear.

The placement of the white on the particolor point is subject to a lot of restrictions under the breed standard. In the cat fancy, "particolor" means colors and patterns that come with white.

Curious Ragdoll - Photo copyright Giane Portal.

The Ragdoll is in the top 5 most popular breeds under a long term poll of 4,500 votes that I have run. You can see why. This is a large, docile cat noted for his or her tendency to go floppy when picked up. And the coat is stunning.

Do Ragdolls really go floppy? I don't believe that - unless someone leaves a comment to the contrary. They would be better described as docile cats with even temperaments although individual cats won't even be that.

We are told that they are not interested in going outside. That is a nice quality for a concerned cat caretaker as it prevents the possibility of contracting a disease and putting himself in danger.

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