Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fat Cat Picture 39lbs

28th April 2012: The most up-to-date world's fattest cat? Perhaps - at 39.10 lbs he almost equals the world's fattest cat of 1950 - Clauz (39.7 lbs). His name is "Meow"! Imaginative name that. And the former "owner" said that he was a fit kitten until he "suddenly ballooned"! Do you sense a slight abdication of responsibility for the proper caretaking of this cat? Like...what food did you feed him with..and how often?

Meow, bless him, is 2 years old. I think he has been eating non-stop since he was born. Maybe he has a medical condition but I doubt that. I have never seen or read about a cat health problem that results in the domestic cat ballooning to 39 lbs in 2 years all on his own. He is now on a diet and is no longer 39 lbs - he lost 2 already....

Here he is, Mr. Meow at 39.10 pounds.

I can't embed the video so I made a screenshot still image instead. I hope that is OK. You can see the original story here. How does Meow square up with the former world champion fattest cats?  

A bit of fat cat history: There has been a series of world's fattest cats. Below is a nice list that I have taken from a page on PoC: Fattest Cat in the World. It seems that around 40 lbs is about the limit for cat obesity!

Cat Weight Owner (place) Date
Poppa 44 lbs (about 20 kg) Gwladys Cooper (Wales) 1983
Tiger 42 - 43 lbs (19 - 19.5 kg) Phyllis Dacey (Essex, England) 1970s
Dinkie 42 lb (19 kg) Miss K Dowding (Gloucestershire, England) 1955
Gigi Fullscreen capture 31032010 070321.bmp Miss Anne Clark (Cumbria, England) 1970
Baby 41 lb (almost 19 kg) Mr Maefred Slawson (NY, USA) 1982
Snowbie 47 lb (Guinness Record) Lorna Sutherland (Scotland) 1997
Katy 44 lbs ? 2003
Katy (Munckin dwarf cat) 40 lbs (18.1 kg) ? (Canada) 1991
Tulle (Tubcat) 43 lbs Pedersen (USA) 2002

Last but not least, there was Clauz - World's Fattest Cat 1950. Clauz weight just a bit more that Meow. That puts Meow into context.

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