Saturday, July 2, 2022

Animal killer made €1 million in blood money

This is a highly unpleasant story so if you think you might be upset about it then please do not read on. However, I will not go in any detail. I think it needs to be reported on. I am indebted to a short report from The Times newspaper dated July 2, 2022.

They state that in Spain a man has been accused of killing hundreds of animals by draining them of their blood to sell to veterinarians across Europe. Quite horrendous. The man has been arrested in Madrid.

The police allege that the man - who has yet to be named and has been released on bail - killed as many as 500 animals.

Most of them are dogs and cats. The killing has taken place since 2006.

The suspect allegedly made more than €1 million (£860,000 or $1,042,910.00) from selling animal blood the police said.

I don't know, as it is unreported, but it seems to me that this criminal was collecting the blood of cats and dogs to sell to veterinarians working in Europe because with proper donor selection and appropriate compatibility screening pet blood transfusions are well-tolerated and they may increase the chances of a cat's survival.

Ironically, the blood was taken from a cat or dog which kills them in order to aid the survival of a cat who is ill at a veterinary clinic. The motive: money with a complete disregard for morality and the sentience of the animals concerned.

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