Sunday, January 31, 2021

Picture of a relaxed white cat in a harness on the back of a pedestrian

Is this harness practical? It looks extraordinary. It looks cool and interesting and the cat has an amazing appearance. It don't think it is real in the sense that you could do it in reality: carry your cat around a city in a harness on your back. It makes a good photograph and that's about all. The image is set up and created to make a pleasing photograph. I don't see it suggesting that other cat owners should give it a try.

Picture of a relaxed white cat in a harness on the back of a pedestrian

I have never seen anything near this in London, for instance. It would not work on several levels. You'd be stopped all the time and stared at. What about getting a bus or a train? You could not sit down. And what about the cat? Within a short time she or he would become agitated unless they were amazingly laid back. And is it healthy for a cat to be suspended like this? It looks comfortable but is it comfortable and is there pressure on the cat's back?

Damn it, there is a lot of talk about pet thefts during the Covid-19 lockdown. A thief could sneak up behind you and cut the straps of the harness and run off with your cat - especially this great looking animal. It is truly impractical I believe. The picture was taken in the EU judging by the car registration number being the cat on a Fiat 500.

I think a lot of these admirable attempts to expand the lives of domestic cats and to stimulate their minds by getting them out of the home safely are unworkable. Perhaps they work rarely with the right kind of cat but by and large I don't see it.

The image is a bit like those of cats trekking in beautiful places. Domestic cats hikking with their owners. They are excellent photographs and very seductive and beguiling as they encourage cat owners to take themselves and their cat out of the rut and explore. But cats are not dogs. Some may get used to hiking in time but most won't. They will be a worry and an anchor to freedom of movement and choice. Instagram pics of trekking and hiking cats are to titilate the audience. They are not really meant to suggest that other cat owners try it themselves.

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