Monday, February 1, 2021

Vet nurse struck off the register because of fraudulent claim

Karen Hancock was a veterinary nurse at a veterinary clinic in Clevedon, Somerset called Alexandra & Hillyfields. She had worked there for four years with no prior problems. She started a claim for compensation saying that she had suffered a knee injury when moving dead dogs at work. She was suing her employer.

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She said that she was moving euthanised dogs weighing 60 kg which is over nine stones in August 2015. But the evidence didn't support her claim. In fact, the evidence clearly worked against. Her employer and boss Mr Wilson said that he carried and moved Cezar down steps. This is peculiar because Ms Hancock had spoken to Wilson when making the claim that she had damaged her knee carrying this dog down steps but it should have been known to her that Mr Wilson knew that he had done it. She also made false claims about moving a dog called Bailey.

In addition, she made false entries in the clinic's accident book and further made false documents in support of a civil claim. Sadly, she was struck off because of dishonesty. Her behaviour was "a clear breach of the principle of honesty and integrity" expected of members of the veterinary profession. Hancock now works as an administrator and she has complained that she will lose her pet cats and her home because of being struck off.

Her claim was based on lies it was said at the tribunal. Karen Hancock is 52 years of age. She did not attend the hearing and neither was she represented at the hearing.

The committee who heard her case to be struck off said:

Such conduct would bring the profession of veterinary nurses into disrepute and would undermine public confidence in the profession because the dishonesty was directly concerned with the respondent’s work as a veterinary nurse in the veterinary practice

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