Wednesday, December 15, 2021

What is a "complex needs" rescue cat?

I think the phrase "complex needs" is sometimes misleading and it can be off-putting. This is because the needs might not be complex if you know what you are doing. And I'm prompted to say just that after reading the story of Mylo, a medium-longhaired tuxedo cat who was in foster care at Cats Protection for a year. His complex needs related to his diabetes. Apparently he contracted diabetes because of neglect by his previous owner. A single disease is not really complex, is it? Perhaps the better phrase is 'special needs' which relates to deaf and blind cats and cats with other disabilities.

Mylo. Photo: Cats Protection or Sandra.

Cats Protection brought him back to health but it seems that they were unable to cure his diabetes. And I think the outcome is very nice. Sandra was caring for a 13-year-old deaf Highland terrier with diabetes. She knew the ropes. She was not daunted by the prospect of adopting a diabetic cat requiring daily insulin injections.

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She was an ideal candidate but for the fact that she had a dog. However, she made it clear to Cats Protection that her dog is very good with cats and so the adoption went ahead. And everybody is pleased that it did because they get on very well.

And here's the deal: Sandra does not find it difficult to give Mylo his jab. She summarises it very sweetly as follows:

"I wouldn’t hesitate to take on another cat with special needs – it’s so rewarding, and really, no extra work once you get into a routine. While my morning toast is browning and my coffee brewing, I give Mylo his breakfast and draw up his insulin. When the toast pops up, I shake a bag of well-known cat treats and Mylo jumps up for his insulin then eats his treat – job done."

I have some posts on diabetic cats and in particular administering insulin on a daily basis, on of which was written by a visitor. People who have to care for a diabetic cat or who are thinking of doing so might find it useful and interesting. The link to the page is below.

Cat diabetes – home treatment – first hand experience.

Sue Hocknell of Cats Protection is delighted to see Mylo settled in his new home. In fact, she said that she would have adopted Mylo herself if it wasn't for her other cats because he has such a nice character. She believed that she needed to find an experienced cat caregiver. She was successful. That's why it took a bit longer.

Sandra is a retired nurse which certainly helps.


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