Sunday, July 3, 2022

Cat rescued from swamp cooler

Pueblo, Colorado, USA: the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region was called upon to rescue a domesticated cat stuck in what is called a swamp cooler. This is the first time I have read such a story. A swamp cooler is a device which cools a home by using the latent heat of evaporation. 

When water evaporates it takes warmth from the air and in doing so it cools the surrounding area. A fan blows the cool air into the room. Or the cool air may be blown into the room by a natural breeze. This must have been a pretty big swamp cooler, probably outside the house. Although it is not clear.

Pueblo Animal Law Enforcement responded to a call from a woman who said that there was a "deceased cat stuck in a swamp cooler". The temperature at the time was 101°F. She was unable to cool her home because her swamp cooler was malfunctioning. Because of the cat 😎.

It is pleasing to find out that the cat was not dead but very much alive and taken up residence inside her swamp cooler device. Why I wonder? Probably to stay cool! I can't think of any other good reason unless he wanted to be warmed up at night.

With a bit of help, the offices of the Pueblo Animal Law Enforcement team were able to recover the cat out of the cooler and take him to a shelter for medical treatment.

They describe the cat as a "spicy boy" and decided that he was a community cat. There is a cat colony in the area so he probably wandered away from that into her swamp cooler. They vaccinated him, checked him for any injuries and as he was ear tipped he was already neutered under a TNR program. He appears to have been in reasonable health because they took him back to the colony where I expect volunteers care for the cats.

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