Not all domestic cats are equal in their athleticism, confidence or intelligence

This is a popular video on Twitter which reminds us that not all domestic cats are equal in their athleticism or is it something else? They appear not to be equal in terms of their athleticism but perhaps they are not the same in terms of their personalities or intelligence.

2 types of cat
2 types of cat. Screenshot.

Each is an individual. Some cats are incredibly athletic while others are a little more clumsy but nonetheless very endearing. We don't mind if our cat is not athletic, we love him or her just the same. By and large domestic cats are very competent athletes. 

The difference in this video may partly be due to the differences in intelligence between the two cats. Or perhaps it is more likely that there is a difference in confidence. 

The first cat is less confident than the second. The first cat needs to climb up onto that crossbar and then haul himself over whereas the second cat is confident enough to target that tiny space and place their forepaws precisely on that crossbar and then jump off. 

This requires a high level of precision and precision requires confidence. We know that there is a difference in the domestic cat in respect of their confidence levels, which expressed another way means that some cats are outgoing while others are more timid. This is an embedded video from Twitter. Very often they stop working but a link remains to the video on Twitter itself. If that has happened, I apologise but simply click on the link and you should be able to see the video which I think is amusing and instructive.


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