Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Jodie Foster would join social media if it was only about cats and dancing

I really like Jodie Foster. I always have since she became an adult actress. It's difficult to find out exactly whether Jodie Foster does in fact likes cats although I think it's pretty certain she likes dancing because she likes to see dancing on social media, I understand. 

Jodie Foster. Picture: Wikipedia.

But apparently she suffered a traumatic experience with a big cat after, it is reported, a lion mauled her. I don't know the circumstances but she appears to have a fear of big cats but the opposite for domestic cats. How do I make that latter assessment?

Well, there's a headline on the People website which goes like this: "Jodie Foster says she'll use social media 'If it was just dancing and cats: I'd be all for it'".

So she would like to look at dancing or presumably look at anything to do with dancing on social media and domestic cat stuff but other than that social media doesn't interest her. In fact I think she'd have her own channels of social media if it was limited to cats and dance.

The reports are that she is very "normal". On the basis that that is true, it's a fantastic endorsement for her because to be normal is wonderful if you are a top film star. And personally, I love normal by which I mean well balanced and rounded. Although we don't really know what "normal" means but I think you can use your imagination and have a good guess at it.

She is 61 years of age at the moment and says that she would be all for joining social media for the reasons stated.

She's received praise for her show True Detective: Night Country. Fans have responded positively to the series. She is proud of it and she said that she wouldn't like to change anything about it whereas often in the films she's been involved with but not as a director, she would like to change some things.

Perhaps, we might be able to link being normal and not being involved with social media. What I mean is that if you are normal, well-balanced and sensible you should avoid social media!   

It is because it can be quite destructive and an entire waste of time as 90% of social media is waffle, achieving little. Strong words and perhaps I'm being a little bit over-the-top but I do think that a lot of social media is a waste of time and it is known that it can harm young people. I think it's a good part of the Internet if you use it to achieve something rather than allowing it to use you.

Also, there are some great animal rescue channels on Facebook which wouldn't be anywhere near as successful as they are without social media. These are personal views and I totally accept that perhaps the majority of people will disagree with me.

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