Thursday, February 1, 2024

Off the grid van-life woman uses cat litter for herself instead of a toilet

Yes, this brave and enlightened woman uses cat litter, not for her cat as she does not have a cat but for herself because her van (mobile home) does not have a toilet. Vicki Harper is on disability benefits living in the UK and she says that living on the grid - conventionally - is too expensive for her. She decided to use a converted Ford Transit 125 T350 van for her accommodation.

Vicki Harper revealed she has to use cat litter instead of a toilet Credit: CHANNEL 5

The mobile home has a cooker, storage cabinets, fridge, freezer and a nice bed but no bathroom! Hence the cat litter for humans.

Vicki is on television on Channel 5 to tell the world about her lifestyle. It is about people who've taken up living in a mobile home. The 'van life'.

Asked if cat litter works for her she said: 
"Absolutely... where I park and with the way I park, I stay for two or three weeks, there are really no places to be emptying toilets. So I find that using cat litter, I can just get rid of it in a normal bin, so cat litter is the way forward.”
She is very happy not having to worry about how she is going to pay for her outgoings each month.

She said: 
There’s no worrying about what's going to be paid this month or, you know, what's building up in debt etcetera, there’s none of that. It was quite strange when I gave the keys back to my property. It was like this massive weight was lifted off my shoulders, 100 per cent it’s freedom.”
For me, she is the first person who uses cat litter to go to the toilet. She dumps the used cat litter in public waste bins I understand.

We are not told how she keeps herself clean. Perhaps she licks herself all over like a cat 😍. That sounds like I am taking the Mikey out of her. I am not. Just having a bit of fun.

I admire her a lot. Well done Vicki. And good luck.

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