Monday, January 2, 2012

Toyger Cat Picture

This is stunning Toyger cat "Bright" in a radiant Helmi Flick Toyger cat picture. The Toyger is a purebred cat that is intended to have some of the physical characteristics of the tiger. The name is an amalgam of "toy" and "tiger". This is a designer cat breed that is relatively new on the cat fancy map but well established in being recognized by TICA, a major cat association, under their championship breeds, the highest level of recognition at the association. This is glowing mackerel tabby cat with orange undertones and a solid conformation. Apparently the breeders have even selectively bred this domestic cat to walk like a tiger! The toyger is a created, hybrid cat in the long list of exotic domestic cats that are intended to evoke the wild cats. This is not wildcat hybrid however. Read and see more...

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