Thursday, January 5, 2012

White Cat Picture

Photo copyright gney (Flickr)

This is a charming white cat picture that caught my eye while I was visiting Flickr. I like the muted, softness of this image. The photographer is gney (Flickr name). It is published here with her permission as it is copyright protected. Please ask her if you'd like to use it. The photograph is published exactly "as is". This cat looks very much like a purebred traditional Persian. You can see the long fur. Being outside, bits get picked up in it. Many people who keep Persians say they should be kept indoors. The contemporary flat faced Persian has longer fur than this sometimes.  The photographer lives in Doha, Qatar. It is a place where it is likely that you will see purebred cats and certainly a beautiful cat like this one. I am reminded of another white traditional Persian of equally attractive appearance, Yeri. He is gorgeous. He has passed on sadly. He lived with Dani.

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