Thursday, January 5, 2012

Picture of Scottish Wildcat Leaping

This is another rare Scottish wildcat photograph by Rosie of Rosemarie Lamb Photography. We don't see many pictures of this small wildcat in mid air leaping after prey. It is published here with her permission. If you want to use it please ask the lady. The ticked coat and mackerel stripes are visible in the photo. The tail is heavily banded with a solid black tip. The Scottish wildcat is known for its ferocity when required - for example in defending cubs. Although this cat looks like a domestic cat it is usually about 50% larger and more muscular. The similarity between this wildcat and the domestic cat arises because the domestic cat was originally a domesticated African wildcat (Near Eastern wildcat). The outstanding problem with the cat in the picture is this: is it a purebred Scottish wildcat? It might be a domestic cat/wildcat hybrid because they interbreed. For me, the cat in the picture has a hint of hybrid about it but what do I know? This cat is in captivity. In general wildcats don't do well in captivity.

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