Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Cats of the Same Color Get Together

Two beauties
Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas
Fofurasfelinas, the well known cat photorapher in Bazil says that from her observations of large colonies of cats, cats of the same colour enjoy each others company.

Now that raises a few questions and a lot of guesswork as to why? And this is on the basis that it is an accurate observation, of course. However, I would completely trust fofurasfelinas to observe accurately so lets try and find an answer.

If two cats stick together it implies that they get along and are relaxed with each other. As feral cats inbreed or mate with who ever is available it seems likely that there are a lot of related cats in a colony.

These related cats, which carry similar genes are likely to have the same or similar coat types. As these carts with similar coat types are related they will undoubtedly get along well from the outset.

That then is my theory as to why two cats of the same color get together.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Long legged cat is a good jumper

sleeping cat
Originally uploaded by kyramas
This feral cat is a solid a white cat. He (I would say he is a he!) has very long legs and a long tail to match. He is actually quite high up on a window ledge.

I would say that he is a good jumper because he is skinny (low weight) and has good leverage with his leg length.

Cat jumping ability (and therefore take off velocity - TOV) depends on relative limb length, relative extensor muscle mass (the size of the leg muscles), body mass (is the cat overweght - this has significant negative impact) and the percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers (some cats and people have the kind of muscles that can retract very fast making he leg move fast and thereby increasing take off speed).

Often feral cats are much thinner and lighter than domestic cats because domestic cats are over feed and ferals underfeed.

Timmy, a stray cat that I feed from time to time, is a typical muscular stray cat with a massive jump. He can effortlessly jump up about 7 feet to the top of a wall when he goes home (wherever that is). He has long limbs, is of a perfect weight and very athletic.

My girl cat is old and overweight and I have to lift her up to the bed (she calls me to do it).

Charlie a black three legged cat

My three legged cat, Charlie, can jump up beautifully as he has long hind legs and a strong back but cannot jump down as he has lost his front right leg and the remaining leg cannot take the weight on landing. He wriggles half way down and drops sideways so that his rear legs hit the ground at the same time as his single front leg. He also likes to take up the meerkat positon. It comes naturally to him and he uses it frequently. This is unusual for a cat and it is due to his extra strong back muscles which in turn in due to he absent leg at the front! Here is the little fella:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A different point of view on a Siamese Cat

A different point of view
Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas

Here is another great cat photograph by fofurasfelinas (Giane Portal) of a Siamese cat. Now, I am not sure if the cat is actually a purebred Siamese cat. I would doubt it because Giane photographs rescue cats.

That is not to say Siamese cats cannot be rescue cats. They can. Any purebred cat can be a rescue cat because people not infrequently abandon purebred cats and some of them are spectacular.

I am thinking of a RagaMuffin purebred cat that was a rescue cat and who now lives with the most loving of persons. It is shocking to think that the previous owners could be so ignorant and stupid as to give her up. The reason why is because children terrorised the cat so much that it urinated in the wrong place. Typical human nonsense. Please read this story here:

The RagaMuffin Cat and the Princess

Now, back to this gorgeous blue eyed pointed or Siamese cat. This is a seal point cat, the original and classic pointing. The cat, if a purebred Siamese is a traditional Siamese (as opposed to a Modern skinny one).

What I particularly like about this photo is the texture contrast between the stair material and the cat's coat. And the clear blue eyes in the centre of the photograph.

It was taken at a cat rescue in Brazil, the country where Giane lives. Great photo Giane.

A Cat Photo of Contrasts

Kishu with lense vignette
Originally uploaded by ken.mandy
Why do I like this? Well it is a photo of contrasts. There are the heart shaped highlights in the background and the star shapes in the blue cloth set against the ginger tabby at. The cat is playing but is also still.

The quality of the photograph, for me, comes through these contrasting elements.

The star shapes were created with lens attachment. The aperture is f2 producing a tight depth of field.

Yes, its a bit different but that is also its strength.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cat meeting!

Cat meeting!
Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas
Why is this picture called Cat Meeting so good in a quiet unassuming way? It is the subtle interplay between the light and shade, the textures of the tiles and widow grill and the cat coats being black and white and striped (the tail of the brown cat).

Then throw in the dynamic position of the cats and it gels together.

It is the making of a fine cat photograph from quite unpromising material. Look how the black pattern on the black and white cat is mirrored in the tiles for instance.

I also like the angle of the head of the black cat in relation to the head of the brown cat. There is a nice continuous line from the black cat through to the cat in the sink.

Great photo Giane, well done. You are a brilliant cat photographer.

Feline Stare

Feline Stare
Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas

Yes, this is a fine photograph by the well known cat photographer on Flickr, fofurasfelinas. This cat is staring straight into the camera. Cats don't usually like to hold stares (at people). My cat for example tends to look away and then glances at me. Maine Coon cats tend to stare at us more purposefully. Why is this?

It is probably to do with dominance in a group. Where a cat is subservient he or she will turn away. Where a cat is more dominant, a more relaxed stare is possible or comfortable for the cat.

When I look into the eyes of my cat I ask myself whether she is looking at me as I am looking at her, knowingly and lovingly. I like to feel that she is.

This picture was taken at a cat sanctuary in Brazil at Foz do IguaƧu, Brazil. The cat is called Cali.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Best Leopard Picture?

Big Cat "Leopard"
Originally uploaded by S@ilor
This is a great picture of the common leopard. I have not seen better. The cat must be about a foot from the camera and the lens appears to be a wide angle.

It seems that the photographer took the photo in Spain in a zoo near Malaga although I am not sure.

The leopard has the widest range (distribution) of all the cats but it is diminishing due to human activity. Human population growth, which is uncontrolled is gradually squeezing the leopard and the other cats out of their habitats.

There are a number of species of leopard. One of the best known with a magnificent coat pattern is the clouded leopard. The coat pattern has the appearance of clouds, hence the name. The clouded leopard is a tree dweller and forest lover, while the common leopard is a generalist; it can go almost anywhere and eat anything.

It has to to survive in a hostile world that is essentially man made.

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